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6 West Coast Surf Club Members to attend World Surf Championships in Rio

Riding the Wave of Dreams: Send Our Surf Stars to Rio!

Fundraising link: here.

Irish Surfing is sending a Junior team to the World Surfing Championships in November. The World Junior Surfing Championship in Rio will see the best young surfers from around the world. Among them are the top 3 girls and boys representing Ireland in both the U16 and U18 categories. What makes this event even more remarkable is that six of these exceptional surfers are proud members of our West Coast Surf Club. This achievement fills our club with immense pride, and we are thrilled to have Katie, James, Odin, Sadie, Conor, and Maria chosen to represent our country on the world stage.

These talented young surfers have dedicated countless hours to perfect their skills, battling the waves and cold to become some of the best junior surfers in Ireland. Their journey to Rio is a testament to their unwavering commitment and passion for the sport. They have demonstrated outstanding skills and sportsmanship, making our local community proud. However, the path to Rio isn't without its challenges. The trip to the World Junior Surfing Championship is self-funded, and the costs associated with international competition are significant. Flights, accommodations, transport, and insurance all add up, and these expenses can be a burden for the families of our surfers.

This is where we need your support. By contributing to this fundraiser, you become an essential part of this journey. Your donation will go directly to support Katie, James, Odin, Sadie, Conor, and Maria as they represent Ireland with pride and determination. Every contribution counts, no matter the size, and all funds raised will be evenly divided among these exceptional surfers. Together, we can ensure that financial constraints don't stand in the way of their dreams. Let's rally behind Katie, James, Odin, Sadie, Conor, and Maria and get them to Rio!

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Fundraising link: here.


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