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MrsRedhead Photography


Mrs. Red Head is a wedding photographer that embraces the essence of fun, colour, and individuality. With a laid-back and creative approach, they specialize in capturing amazing moments for extraordinary couples.

Behind the lens is a talented photographer who is not afraid to break away from traditional norms. Her style is more documentary and fun, capturing genuine emotions and spontaneous moments rather than relying on posed shots. She takes on the role of a cupid ninja, skillfully documenting the entire day while allowing you to fully immerse yourself in creating cherished memories.

Known for her attraction to the color red, symbolizing passion and adventure, Mrs. Red Head brings a unique touch to every wedding she captures. Her goal is to ensure that your wedding day reflects your personal vision and style, creating a visual narrative that tells your love story in the most authentic way possible.

Experience the magic of Mrs. Red Head Wedding Photography & get in touch today.



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